History of the Durieu group

Durieu is a family name before a group name. And the history of this group is the history of a family company.

Le groupe DURIEU, une histoire familiale à suivre sur 4 générations…

In 1923, Georges Durieu, the great grandfather of Thibault Durieu, the current director of the group, started an import-export activity for non-metal car parts, in particular brake linings.

In the early Thirties, his son Paul-Henri, then a chemical engineer, initiated a change of course by launching the first penetrating oil on the French market. It enabled brake drums to be dismantled more easily and thus strengthened the initial activity. Between the wars, in particular with Transyl and Compensyl, DURIEU became a specialist in maintenance products, but still developed in the automobile sector.

In the Fifties Durieu decided to import a revolutionary rust inhibitor from north America: it was the French birth of Rustol. In early 1970, spurred on by Alain Durieu, the production of Rustol was started in the new premises of Bondoufle in the Paris region, specially constructed for this purpose.

The desire to diversify its product ranges in wood enabled the  group to grow over the years and to bring many innovations onto the market.

In 2004, Durieu already had very modern industrial installations. A distribution company for Europe, “Owatrol International” was then created in Barcelona.

In 2008, the group expanded and acquired the Belgian brands, Linitop and De Keyn, but above all Owatrol! Durieu thus legitimately took over the brand that it had supported and developed for half a century.

In 2012, the Durieu Group was reinforced with a new production facility in the north of France, holder of all the labels and certifications of the profession: ISO 9001 (Quality), OHSAS 18001 (Safety), Ecolabel, NF Environment and ISO 14001 (Environment). The brands, Oxytol, Targol, Oxi, Elixiss… of the company Peintures et Chimie complement the other brands of the group.