Environmental charter, a natural process to protect the environment !

Although the DURIEU Group is experiencing the increasing development of its activities and performance, its commitment to protect our environment is steadfast.

Saving the planet :

  • Nature is the first victim of our excessive production of waste. To reverse the trend, Durieu limits and sorts its waste. A physical-chemical purification plant treats aqueous waste, thus avoiding any uncontrolled discharges. The sludge is systematically treated with observance of the applicable standards.
  • Atmospheric discharges are closely monitored by rigorously quantifying VOC emissions with the objective of continually reducing them.

Encouraging ecological behaviour today and tomorrow. Making the new generation aware :

  • Because switching off the lights when leaving a room, favouring electronic communications over paper, or even recycling office consumables, etc, are actions within the reach of everyone, we are convinced that all these small details will have considerable long term effects. Thus, in their daily lives everyone can work on making our planet how we want to leave it for our children.

Developing ever more effective solutions for less frequent use :

  • Through rigorous specifications we guarantee ‘low VOC content’ products (many containing less than 5%), without phthalates, without formaldehyde. We also restrict the use of materials known to be harmful to the environment. For Durieu, soil quality is as much a concern as air quality and we also make it a priority.
  • Whenever possible we use biodegradable materials in accordance with the OECD directive (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development).
  • We eliminate hazardous materials and do not use any known very persistent or very bio-accumulative chemicals (vPvB). Our products are also free of NMP (N- Methyl-2-Pyrrolidone).
  • Constant regulatory and technological monitoring is done by our specialised services.

Recycling packaging in order to develop a new economy for ecological purposes :

  • In 1993 the Durieu Company, concerned about the management of packaging waste, was among the very first companies to join Eco-Emballages.

Contributing to social progress :

  • For Durieu, the environment also includes the well-being of people, and consequently its teams who devote themselves to the company every day. This includes the continual improvement of the working conditions and taking account of the interests of everybody. These fulfilled men and women within the Group are the guarantee of our current and future success.
  • Finally because there is no sustainable development without respect for others, we make it a point of honour to apply the principles supported by the International Labour Organisation with regard to social equality, training and the absence of discrimination.